$20.00 USD Coming Soon

Clone PCB of the little known and extremely rare Chris MacGregor Resonator Wah.

"The whaaaaaaaaat?"

Yeah, you read right. We couldn't make this up. Besides... it's in the Effects Database. Very mouthy, and very resonant. This is an optical wah, with a mind bending resonance sweep. This PCB is designed specifically for the Morley slim line wah shell (just like our LARRY project). Also, we retain the original's "heel down" bypass scheme. This will be right at home in any Morley Bad Horsie I shell. The layout is designed to use the same bypass scheme as the Bad Horsie, so when you lift your foot off the pedal, it will go into bypass. We've retained the off adjustment time pot of the Bad Horsie, and put it on the outside, so you won't have to open it up if ever you need to tweak the off time. Aye laddies!