$75.00 USD

This is it. The Mac Daddy. The only set of boards available, anywhere, that will allow you to build yourself a clone of what most mere mortal effects aficionados spend a lifetime lusting after; an EMS Synthi Hi Fli. Yes. You read right. If just the whisper of "David Gilmour" or "Steve Hackett" makes you pee a little, then you know you need this. Although some of the components that the original used are long out of production, we've managed to make this work quite well with some substitute components that are still available.

Now.... down to brass tacks. This is NOT...

- A cheap build.
- An easy build.
- A quick build.

Did we mention that it's not a cheap build? So we did. Just thought we would mention it again, just in case you got drool in your eyes. Also, noobs and armchair solder jockeys are discouraged from attempting this build. There is a ton of components in this build, so having some complex build experience beyond your run of the mill two transistor fuzz is highly recommended. With the quantity of parts in this build, you'll need to have some experience in project management. Otherwise, a wrong value resistor, installed into the wrong place during a moment of inattention, will cause you troubleshooting pain like you've never known. For those that know the pain of stepping on a sea urchin or a rust nail, troubleshooting pain is much worse. We highly recommend that you download the build document first from the "Build document links" section, and look through it carefully. You've been duly warned.

Caution aside, this is a totally unique effect. Nothing else can produce the tones that you can dial out of this unit. Think, one part fuzz, one part sub-octaves, some top boost, throw in two 6 stage phasers, a pinch of Mutron III, a splash of Ludwig Phase II, and a dash of Schumann PLL for good measure. Top it off with a swirl of twin expression pedals, multiple modulation and filter selections sprinkles, as well as the ability to select which parameter and what direction the CV will drive it, and you have a smorgasbord of tones that will plant a perma-grin on your ever lovin' tone face. Like the Egyptian pharaohs, you'll want this buried with you to enjoy in the after life.

This board set comes with;
- Lower fuzz/octave/envelope/control board.
- Upper phaser board.
- Two fully populated SMD diode chain boards. (You're welcome!)
- One preamp board (designed to fit into a Dunlop style wah enclosure).

We decided to offer the diode chain boards fully populated to take some of the build pain out of the project. We understand that not everybody is equipped, or adept at working with SMD, so you can thank us now, and later. Besides, it was the only way to bring the project down to a "manageable size". Still, it's waaaaaay smaller than the original units.

* Please note that this project board set shipping rate is higher due to it's size and weight.