We at Dead End FX, have our favs. It may be forums, vendors, or perhaps tools. Folks or stuff that we think make DIY'ing easier, or better.

As such, this page is dedicated to those people, places, or things that might help you along in your build.

If you have any people/places/things that you think would be beneficial to the cause, and believe are worth tooting a horn about, let us know!


These are some of our favorite haunts. We get a lot of great ideas or help from folks at these forums. A fine community indeed!

DIYstompboxes forum - Free to join.

Freestompboxes forum - Free to join.

Madbean forum - Free to join.

D*A*M forum - Free to join.

Tagboard forum - Free to join.

ILOVEFUZZ forum - Free to join.



If you're gonna DIY, you're gonna need supplies. EBay is a great resource, of course, but here are some of our favs;

Smallbear Electronics store - Lots of hard to find part here. Great selection and service. A stalwart ally of the DIY community.

Stompville shop - Some eclectic items, including a great JFET matcher tool (in kit form).

Mouser Electronics - Your typical electronics super-store.

Jameco - Lots of selection, great prices.

Digikey - Another super-store.

Trendsetter Electronics - Niche vendor. Hard to find stuff.

ABRA Electronics - A surplus seller. Their mail order minimum kinda sucks, but if you're in the Montreal area, check out the store. They're like the Army surplus of electronics.

Modular Addict - Specializing in modular and synth stuff, but have some hard to find stuff at reasonable prices.

Synthrotek - Another shop specializing in modular and synth stuff, but some nifty parts for pedal makers too.

Electronics Goldmine - Really cool surplus electronics liquidation shop. Subscribe to their email news letter. They have some killer stuff sometimes, at dirt cheap prices.

Suplus Sales of Nebraska - Another surplus electronics shop. Some old, eclectic stuff that you just don't come across every day.

Electric Druid - Tom Wiltshire's shop. Cool synth and pedal info and parts.

Nightfire Electronics - Lots of parts at decent prices.

Love My Switches - Lots of switches (duh!), as well as knobs, enclosures and more. All reasonably priced.

D.H. Technical Services - A small Ebay store, run by Mr. David Hanley. He specializes in stock purchasing electronic business that have gone out of business. Lots of neat stuff here.



Here's a short list of fine PCB suppliers. Fine projects, by finer people. If we don't feel like making it, we'll buy from them, and only them;

Aion FX - Top notch PCB projects, top notch documentation.

Madbean Pedals - Quality PCB projects. Madbean has a solid reputation.

General Guitar Gadgets - Been around forever. Can't go wrong. Sell complete kits too.

MusicPCB - Not a huge shop, but what's available is eclectic.

Pusherman - Synth parts and PCB suppliers located in Europe. We've had a long association with them. They're awesome.