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Build document links

NOTE: Due to input from our builders, as well as our own build experiences, these build documents are subject to change at any moment. Updated build documents are dated as such. Please ensure that you have the most recent document at build time. Thank you!

Atomic Duck PCB - Build document

Brass Monkey PCB - Build document

Comfy Plum PCB - Build document

Crazy Diamond PCB - Build document

Creme Anglaise PCB - Build document

?E. Nigma? PCB - (updated 29 Dec. 2018) - Build document

Engineer's Thumb PCB - Build document

Exciterator PCB - Build document

F1SH PCB - Build document

Firewater PCB - Build document

Flange-a-rama PCB - Build document

Flint PCB - Build document

Fugu PCB - Build document

Fuzzimile PCB - Build document

Grimafuzz PCB - Build document

Harvey Dent PCB - Build document

Inchindown PCB - (updated 31 Dec. 2018) - Build document

Laika Fuzz PCB - Build document

Leo X PCB - (updated 26 Aug. 2018) - Build document

Ludwig Phase II PCB - (updated 14 Feb. 2019) - Build document

Meaty Balls PCB - Build document

Mother Brain PCB - (updated 24 Sept. 2018) - Build document

Mr. Multi PCB - Build document

NeoFuzz V PCB - Build document

Pimp Fuzz PCB - Build document

PLLONE PCB - (updated 04 Sept. 2018) - Build document

PUII PCB - Build document

Q2 PCB - Build document

Redstone PCB - (updated 28 Dec. 2018) - Build document

Screaming Life PCB - Build document

Spectrum PCB - Build document

String Ringer PCB - (updated 24 Nov. 2018) - Build document

Tresonator PCB - v.1 Purple boards - Build document

Tresonator PCB - v.2 Blue boards - Build document

Triffid PCB - Build document

Turbotrem PCB - Build document

Vital Spark PCB - (updated 24 Sept. 2018) - Build document

Wurmloch PCB - Build document

XP-ALL+ Build document - Build document

XP-ALLin Code - Code download

*Disclaimer: While we do everything within our power to proof read and verify that the information contained within each build doc is correct, on the rare occasion, an error may slip past our radar. If an error is detected by the builder, please advise us as soon as possible, and we will make the necessary corrections as soon as possible. As always, please carefully read through the build doc BEFORE you start building. Measure twice... cut once. Thank you!