Dead End FX is a Transatlantic endeavor by "PMowdes", and "digi2t" to deliver printed circuit boards to the DIY musical effects community. 

We specialize in producing PCB's that bring back to life some of the more rare, and typically financially out-of-reach effects that most of us could only dream of possessing. The only hitch is... you have to build it yourself.

While all the PCB's that we sell here have been built and tested before being marketed, we understand that skill levels can vary dramatically from one builder to the next. Our build documents for each PCB have been written with the understanding that you have some sort of effect building experience. As such, we kindly request that you do not contact us via the store for troubleshooting advice if your build is not performing as it should. The store "Contact" link should only be used for questions pertaining to purchase, shipping, availability, or group buy inquiries. Any inquiries regarding build troubleshooting may be addressed to any number of forums that specialize in DIY effect building.

One of our favorite DIY builder's forums is DIYStompboxes. The forum is well laid out, and the members are a fine bunch, always up to the task of helping out when a project "goes south" on you. No matter what your skill level, whether expert, or "noob", the folks there will do their level best to help you get your project back on track. We also hang there regularly, so there's a strong chance that your questions might get answered by us directly. 

We're always trying to make each project the best it can be. If you have suggestions or recommendations regarding any of the PCB's sold here, or possible improvements to a particular build document, then please PM us at the DIYStompboxes forum. It doesn't cost anything to join, and you'll be glad you did.

DIYStompboxes Forum - Go there now!

All the best,

PMowdes and digi2t

Disclaimer: Dead End FX reserves the right to make image, color and design changes to any product, at any time, without notice.