Shipping policy


Due to recent Brexit rule changes regarding product importation, we have been facing a substantial increase in declared value parcels not being delivered within the usual timeline, and in some cases, not at all. For this reason WE WILL ONLY SHIP TO THE U.K. WITH TRACKING. This is the only way to ensure that you will at least know where your parcel is, and if it's being held up by Royal Mail for duties or tax assessment. We understand that this adds a considerable cost to the purchase, but we've had enough parcel non-deliveries to date that it has cost us a small fortune to send out free replacements. It is no longer financially viable for us to do so. 


All postal standards have been suspended, so standard delivery times to all destinations worldwide cannot be guaranteed.

As such, we see average delivery times of;

- Canada - 2 to 3 weeks.

- United States - 3 to 5 weeks.

- Europe - 4 to 6 weeks (depending on the country).

All Expedited and Priority services have also been suspended. As such, while the tracking service may still be provided at an additional cost (see shipping policy below), all mail is now handled as general mail and subject to the aforementioned shipping times.

Under these circumstances, which are wholly out of our control, we thank you for your patience during these difficult times.

Until further notice, we will only be considering non-delivery issues once they surpass 60 business days* beyond the purchase ship date (sent by the shop "Shipped" email confirmation).

Thank you - DEFX

*Business days are considered as Monday to Friday.

Current DEFX shipping rates are;

Canada - $4 USD + $2 USD for each additional item.*

U.S.A. - $9 USD + $3 USD for each additional item.*

United Kingdom - $45 USD + $3 USD for each additional item.*

Everywhere Else - $14 USD + $3 USD for each additional item.*

*These rates reflect Parcel Air Rate, for most project boards, and are subject to change at any time without notice. Some larger project boards, or projects that use multiple boards, may be subject to higher postal rates due to size and weight.

All orders are sent by "Small Parcel - Air Mail". While this does not affect the DEFX posted shipping rates, for destinations outside of Canada this may or may not incur additional duties by the customs authority of the destination country. THESE DUTIES ARE WHOLLY THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PURCHASER! ALL PARCELS ARE SHIPPED WITHOUT TRACKING. If you really MUST have tracking attached to your order, please contact us before placing your order, or by requesting it in the comment at checkout, so as we may calculate how much more the tracking service will add to your shipping cost. Tracking added tends to run between $12 to $30 USD, IN ADDITION to the already posted shipping fees for the service. This additional cost will be invoiced via Paypal.

Statement on DEFX shipping policy.

As of July 2021, all parcels are shipped via Canada Post, Small Parcel - Air. We used to be able to send most boards via Letter Mail Air in the past, but Canada Post has cracked down quite severly on this practice, and we started getting packets returned to us. This was adding many days to the delivery timeline, as well as additional costs for us in the shipping, so we had to drop the practice.

Canada Post states the following delivery times for the following destinations;
- Canada - 5 to 7 business days.*
- U.S. - 7 to 10 business days.*
- International - 10 to 14 business days.*

*Taken from Canada Post website, as of 09 Apr. 2018.

We can tell you right now, these times are absolute garbage. Canada tends to be within these times, but U.S. and International are never within these parameters. U.S. tends to run between 10 to 20 business days, and up to 30 in some cases. International, I've seen go anywhere between 20 to 45 business days, depending on the destination.

The problem is that Canada Post "assumes" that other postal services will respect whatever postal convention is in place, hence their stated delivery times are based on these conventions. Fact of the matter is that this is rarely the case. Hence, we get the occasional "Where is my package?" email, and to date, a non-delivered package.

Regardless, we will continue to use letter mail, for the obvious economic reasons. As for timelines, these are completely out of our control, as well as Canada Post's as soon as it's handed off to a foreign service. Where lost packages are concerned, these cases will be handled on a case by case basis. Any package that has been returned to us for any non-delivery reason, we will make every attempt to reach out to you to make alternate arrangements. ALL RETURNS DUE TO NON-DELIVERY ISSUES WILL BE SUBJECT TO A RESHIP SURCHARGE, TO BE DETERMINED BY US, DEPENDENT ON ORDER SIZE AND WEIGHT.


If you live in an area that has known sketchy postal service, and would prefer to add tracking to your package, then we will be more than happy to accommodate you. Simply ADD A NOTE ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE REQUESTING TRACKING, and we can invoice you for the additional cost once we have the exact package weight and destination defined. Tracking added tends to run between $12 to $30 USD, IN ADDITION to the already posted shipping fees for the service. Final cost really depends on the destination, as well as size/weight of your package. As such, final costing for tracking can only be determined AFTER purchase. Hence, please don't email us requesting exact costing beforehand.

Personally, I would love to hand deliver each and every package myself, directly into your eagerly awaiting hands, but we all know that's impossible. All we can do is ask for your patience and understanding, and if something does go awry, know that we will do our level best to correct the situation.

The DEFX crew.

Updated 14 April, 2022