$15.00 USD

All the great features of the original INCHINDOWN, but with modulation added! Because more... is more!

We took the great Ibanez EM5 Echomachine platform, and added more bells and whistles. Modulation, with depth and rate control. You want echo? You got it! You want echo with warble? Why not! Just dial it in.

If you're an EM5 fan, you'll appreciate the whole new level of quirkiness this brings to the table.

If you're not sure what the INCHINDOWN is...

Clone of a hidden gem, the Ibanez EM5 Echomachine. A delay/echo pedal from the "Soundtank" series of pedals released by Ibanez during the late 90's. It's goal was to reproduce the feel of a tape echo machine, but without the hassle of dealing with tape. While digital, it still produces a warm tone, giving it an Echoplex, or tape delay feel. Mmmmmm..... yummy!!