$15.00 USD

Our quest to bring back to life all of the Schumann effects has now come to end. We present, the rarest of the rare, the Holiest of Grails... the TATIANA, clone board of the rarely seen Schumann FLoop. What does it do? It's an effect feedback looper, which means you can take your in bound signal, insert the effect of your choice into the loop, feed it back into itself, and blend it into your out going signal. Yup... it's just as crazy as it sounds. In addition, you get filtering, an LFO for loop modulation, phase inversion, and... wait for it... signal attack and decay timing adjustments.

Many many thanks go out to Tati T. for reaching out to us with this monstrous gem. We were so blown away, we named it after her. A fitting tribute, to say the least.