$10.00 USD


If you have a Digitech XP series pedal that you wish to convert to an XP-ALL+, but have no way to burn your own EPROM, we can do that for you. We can burn a 27C1001 with the newest XP-ALLin code, as well as test it for you. The following conditions must be observed (please read carefully);
- We DO NOT sell EPROM's! You must send us the EPROM. We erase it, burn it, test it, and send it back to you.
- The EPROM must be a UV ERASABLE 27C1001-12 (120ms) or faster. The preferred EPROM is the 27C1001-10 (100ms). We've tested this one, and it works well. DO NOT send us a 27C1001-15 (150ms) or slower chip. It might, or might not work, but not worth the risk in trying. If you do send us a -15 or slower chip, WE WILL NOT BURN IT, AND YOU WILL BE ON THE HOOK FOR THE SHIPPING IF YOU WANT IT BACK!!
- We limit the service to two chip burns per customer. If you're doing a conversion, that's fine. One for your build, and a backup, we get. Asking us to burn 20 for you so you can flip them, is a no go. This service is meant to help out DIY'ers. Besides, the code is available for free, so if you want to make a business out of this, go right ahead, but we also backup our product by testing it in an actual unit before shipping it out.
- If you wish, you can send your purchased EPROM directly to us. For example; you buy your EPROM on the internet, and have it shipped direct to us. That will save transit time. Just LET US KNOW BEFOREHAND that that's what you wish to do, so we can exchange the required information. We don't wish to receive EPROM's, not knowing who they belong to. Don't send us 20 either, we'll have to up the shipping cost in that case.

If you wish to use this service, please email us beforehand. We'll get your details, and give you ours.

See our Build Documents page for the link to the XP-ALL+ build document.

"XP-ALL" and "XP-ALL+" names are reserved and belong to digi2t, and Govmnt_Lacky. Other use for commercial purposes without permission, is forbidden, and gravely frowned upon.
"XP-ALLin" code and name is reserved and belongs to Prehistoricman, and is disseminated here with permission of the author. Other use for commercial purposes without permission, is forbidden, and gravely frowned upon.