$15.00 USD

Imagine the nastiest, raunchiest octave fuzz known to man. Now, run that fuzz through a phaser. Yup, you probably guessed it, sounds like a Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger. Shard will get you there. Last time we looked, Daggers were starting to be pretty hard to find, so we took the liberty of making them a bit more attainable, in DIY form of course. Shard also offers the octave on/off switch, like the original. Signal chain is fuzz into phaser, with bypass switches for both. This means that you can run either the fuzz or phaser alone if so desired. The phaser is an OTA type, lifted directly from the EHX Small Stone. All in all, one of the most texturizing fuzz circuits out there. Hmmm.... is texturizing a word? Guess it is now!