$20.00 USD

Ikutaro Kakehashi founded Ace Tone, Roland, and Boss. Among the first guitar effects that was put out under the Boss banner, was the DB-5 Driver. Unfortunately, it didn't make as big of a splash as it's brothers and sisters, but for some unknown reason, they're darned hard to find, and very pricey when you do see one for sale. We figured it was worth bringing to the DIY universe. Insofar as components go, there is a weird dual gang pot, which we decided to separate for added tonal flexibility. Also, an obsolete dual JFET, for which we have found suitable stand-in's for. Mucho tonal nastiness here. Like a Fender Blender, and an Ampeg Scrambler had a baby, with a 5 band EQ to boot. If clanging, wheezing octave fuzz is your thing, this is it. Who knows what nightmare seeded the idea for this in Taro's head. Scary!