$12.00 USD

Not quite Superfuzz, not quite Foxx Tone Machine, not quite Ampeg Scrambler. So... Huh?? What is it? A take on the Tim Escobedo "Push me Pull you", with an LM386 for added muscle. This is based on the Forrest Whitesides "What the Fuzz?!" circuit.

We were lucky enough to come into some 2N4854 NPN/PNP cans cheap recently, so the board is designed around that, but you can still use individual NPN and PNP transistors of your choice. Check the build document for pin orientations.

Ultimately, it's a compact, low parts count octave circuit, that can yield some interesting tones. Not as raunchy as a Superfuzz, lower key octave than an FTM, but with subtle hints of ringmoddiness a la Scrambler at times. It's a "right down the middle" circuit that always puts a smile on our face.