$30.00 USD

It's been a while since the Mutron Flanger was cloned, and we've gotten armdnrdy's blessing to use his fine work to rework the clone board, as well as use his build doc as our platform for this project. As such, we've named this project LARRY, in his honor. We've managed to fit everything onto one board, including a creative way to use plain old 16mm PCB pin pots from Tayda, while still keeping the profile low enough to fit inside a Morley wah shell.

This circuit was redesigned by armdnrdy to work around the need for the SAD1024 BBD that the original units used. This uses an MN3007 BBD, which still available. I (digi2t) helped with the original clone project, using my own original Mutron Flanger as the test platform for the MN3007 retrofit. The cloning project is documented at the diystompboxes forum. I can guarantee from first hand experience, the performance between the SAD1024 and MN3007 retrofit is identical. There was minor clock trimming to be done, but there is no detectable difference in the sonic quality of one over the other.