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Clone PCB of the ever elusive INFANEM Driving Notion 5 knob version. Two different frequency circuits, High and Low, running in parallel, with a mix pot playing the part of the bow to tie it all together. We discovered a neat mod while we had it on the breadboard, which we call the "Thicker" switch. It adds two additional gain frequencies to the High side, with a center off position if you want to run stock. Does everything from clean boost, overdrive, to dirty fuzz. Lots of tone in a small package.

WARNING! There are two transistors in this build that need to be selected for it to work correctly. We've primarily had success with MPSA18 and BC550C transistors (and even with 2N5088 to a limited degree). Just be sure you have LOTS of them on hand, and be ready to spend some time sifting through them and auditioning them for "The Ones". Sorry, it's just the nature of the beast. But, what a fine wee beastie it be laddies!