$15.00 USD Coming Soon

Clone board of the Spaceman Effect Secret Mission X. From what we understand from the internet scuttlebutt, it would seem that there were two different effects sent out for the X series; this one, and what was subsequently released as the Sputnik III. This is NOT the Sputnik III. It's an envelope filter, which to date, Spaceman has yet to release. Overall, it's a very nice envelope filter. Lots of room for filter tuning to your ear's delight. Get your Shaft on!

WARNING!!! THIS PROJECT USES RELAY TRUE BYPASS SWITCHING!!! The bypass switching is based on the CODA Effects PIC12F675 chip. You will need to program your own PIC chip for this project (or get someone to do it for you). Ultimately, this is a cheaper alternative to using the pricier Molten Voltage chip. The code for the PIC chip is included in the build document. We use a GQ-4X USB Universal Programmer to program the PIC.